Advanced Tissue Services will obtain and distribute biospecimens with adherence to strict quality and ethical standards. Specimens will be obtained from network sources who certify that approvals from appropriate licensing, ethics committees, or like entities, have been granted.

ATS recognizes ethical standards and ensures that samples are collected under the necessary guidelines set forth by IRB and ethics committees; including informed consent, deidentified samples, anonymous donation, etc.

Advanced Tissue Services guarantees biospecimen quality and will provide responsive and resolution-based customer service. ATS professionals provide top-level service in order to identify and fulfill client needs on an individual and customized basis.

  • All specimens are collected, processed and handled as per protocols that are approved by designated IRB and/or Ethics Committees.
  • Each sample is provided with a clinical correlate profile that includes gender, age, diagnosis and pathology, medical history and treatments received.
  • Custom protocols for prospective collection may also be developed per client specifications.