Advanced Tissue Services has a large selection of banked cancer samples. We collect cancer tissues, normal adjacent tissues, and whole blood from each donor. Both cancer and normal adjacent tissues are available in frozen and FFPE specimens for each donor. Our samples are collected within 24 hours of the donors being deceased and are immediately preserved to best preserve cellular RNA. Whole/partial tumors are also availabe and custom procurements can be done upon request.

Here are some examples of the cancer types currently in our bank. These are all available with normal adjacent tissues and whole blood:

Bladder CancerColon CancerLung Cancer
Bone CancerHead and Neck CancerOvarian Cancer
Brain CancerKidney CancerPancreatic Cancer
Breast CancerLaryngeal CancerProstate Cancer
Cervical CancerLiver CancerStomach Cancer

If you have any questions regarding our inventory please contact us.