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Biospecimens, Human Tissue and Cell Lines

Advanced Tissue Services (ATS) is the virtual member of your research team who provides quality, characterized and documented biospecimens human tissue for your research and development projects.Through Advanced Tissue Services, you will have access to banked human cell lines and human tissues. Our source network supplies quality and ethically-acquired human biospecimens that must meet our standards before distribution to ATS clients.As a client of ATS, you will benefit from our expertise, high quality and documentation standards, and ability to provide the types of cell lines and tissues that you require. ATS is not a biospecimen repository, but rather has broadened access to samples collected and maintained by our network of sources. This amplifies our capacity to provide cell lines and tissues that allow you to conduct your work, without being limited to specimens originating from only one source.Advanced Tissue Services instills confidence with our Quality Assurance system that will guarantee your samples are accurately characterized and collected ethically.

  • All specimens are collected, processed and handled as per protocols that are approved by designated IRB and/or Ethics Committees.
  • Each sample is provided with a clinical correlate profile that includes gender, age, diagnosis and pathology, medical history and treatments received.
  • Custom protocols for prospective collections may also be developed per client specifications.