• What biospecimens are available from ATS?
    Specimens are available in normal and/or diseased states. Sample types include: formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissue, frozen tissue and fresh tissue. Custom collections are also available with client specified collection and fixation methods.
  • Does ATS supply both normal breast tissue and breast tumor specimens?
    Yes, normal breast tissue is available from subjects who do not have cancer, and normal breast tissue is also available to correlate with breast tumor specimens from the same subject.
  • Under what ethical standards/requirements are biospecimens collected?
    Sources apply for inclusion in our network, and are accepted based on their adherence to quality and ethical standards. We only obtain biospecimens from network sources who have provided documented assurances of their appropriate authorizations.
  • Have the individuals from whom biospecimens are obtained provided consent for the distribution of the samples?
    Advanced Tissue Services ensures that tissues are sourced from entities that can provide informed consent from the donating party. Donor information is kept anonymous according to HIPPA standards to ensure the privacy of the donating party.
  • Does Advanced Tissue Services have licensing or IRB approvals for biospecimen collection, storage and/or distribution?
    ATS does not collect, store or perform research on samples, and is not required to have licensing or IRB/ethics committee approvals. To be included in our network, sources are required to provide ATS with appropriate documentation for licensing and approvals.
  • Where can I find a catalog or price list for biospecimens available from ATS?
    Individual requests are received from clients and potential clients. As each request entails specific requirements, we are unable to provide a comprehensive pricing list or catalog. ATS assesses each request for client needs and biospecimen availability from our source network and each request receives a personalized response from an ATS professional that includes availability and pricing.
  • What is your Quality Assurance system and how do you guarantee biospecimen quality?
    Pathology and quality assessments are performed by the tissue source. ATS guarantees that all biospecimens are accurately characterized and of high quality. ATS further guarantees that your shipment will be handled appropriately and you will receive the biosamples in good condition. If you are unsatisfied, please contact us to arrange for a return and exchange.
  • Does ATS require a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA)?
    MTA’s are only required by some of our network sources. If a MTA is required by a particular source from which you will receive biospecimens, ATS will facilitate the process in an expedient and seamless manner.